Another Speaker!…our cup over-floeth…3B8/M1KTA and his adventures

Great news fellow Hedgehogs!

We have signed up another speaker for HogCon 2008.

Dom Baines M1KTA (Hedgehog #8) with regale us with tales of his QRP DXpedition to Mauritius…Doms’ insights into life on air from 3B8/M1KTA as featured in the world famous SPRAT 135.

Dom also hopes to gives us pointers learnt from Contesting and Expeditioning QRP style from HB9 (on a bike!) and other adventures.

FB OM Dom…we can’t wait!

73/72 Paul G0WAT Hedgehog #1

There will be a short interlude whilst….GM0WAT/P and who’s that handsome devil?

Yes it holiday time!

This year (it having been quite a year ‘chez ‘G0WAT) we decided to treat ourselves and go to the Isle of Skye…this being a longtime ‘wish’ destination…It was worth the wait as it is absolutely beautiful place…it certainly won’t be our last visit.

Whilst there I managed to get in a bit of QRP operating with my KX1…The pictures show the two operating positions…initially down by the shore,…surprisingly this proved unsuccessful…it appeared to hear great towards the U.S. but nowhere else, and unfortunately my 2 watts was not sufficient on this occasion to raise anyone

Later on I moved it up to near the cottage we were staying in and this proved much better with stations around the UK and EU being worked on CW.

This was also the first time I have used Palm Paddles (tnx to a loan from Ron G4DDX) and I found them much easier to use than the Elecraft paddles which were designed for the KX1….although you still have to hold them down to stop them wandering off, even if you have the lightest touch.

Equipment: –

Elecraft KX1…42ft Longwire…Palm Paddles…DK9SQ Mast…2 mighty watts.

Its great fun to do /P on holiday and I really enjoyed myself.

73/72 Paul G0WAT Hedgehog #1

GB2QRP hits the streets – HogCon goes Special Event!

We had long planned to have a QRP station at HogCon for people to try out their creations or just put a few QRP Q’s in the log.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a Special Event Callsign we surmised?…and indeed it would be so we plumped for GB2QRP and by jove! we got it.

So we intend to have a Special Event Callsign available for attendee’s to use.

We are planning to have a Doublet up and at the very least a K2 and KX1 and for the more SSB minded among you we, if we have finished building them a BITX20 and MKARS 80…feel free to bring along your own radio and put it on the air….we want to see your homebrew.

We are also considering a few more surprise…keep and eye of this site and for details

73/2 Paul G0WAT Hedgehog #1

Hold the front page!…Hans Summers G0UPL to give talk at HogCon 2008

If we had a Drum we would give it a roll!

If we had a Trumpet we may well be inclined to play a voluntary!

If we had some Champagne we would be gently teasing off the foil and applying thumbs to the cork!

Hans Summers is going to give us a talk at HogCon and we are quite rightly cock-a-hoop.

Hans will be giving us a talk entitled …

“QRSS and other adventures in extreme homebrew QRP”

This will give many fascinating insights into the world of QRSS and MEPT and is right at the cutting edge of todays QRP zeitgeist…check out his fabulous site and see some of the things he’s been up to…

We greatly appreciate Hans kindly taking time to help spread the word….FB OM!

73/2 Paul Hedgehog #1

Whoaa!!!! We hit the Soldersmoke Podcast #88

Excitement unbounded at HCQRPC acres…we get a mention on Soldersmoke

As it was the Soldersmoke podcasts which really kicked the HCQRPC idea into action it was really great to hear Bill giving us a shout out…mni tnx OM Bill….and keep on truckin’ with the Soldersmoke podcasts…we all love them.

We hope publicity will increase our coverage and get ourselves some more members.

Hang on a minute… are you saying that you are not a Hedgehog yet?…all you should do is ask…send an e-mail to or leave a comment here…you are most welcome whether you are in downtown St.Albans or far flung Albuquerque…we want Hedghogs from every point of the compass….we are a broad and wide church and we wish to fill it to the rafters with Hedgehogs.

More news’n’views shortly…

72/73 de Paul G0WAT Hedgehog #1


It’s booked!…we are now on for 21st September at the Stevenage.

We have decided rather than just call it a ‘meet’ we would christen with a slightly more upmarket name…and thus it came to pass that…

HOGCON was born

Nicolas is rustling up a web page (probably as we speak)…so check out the following…

plans are now afoot to: –

  • Have QRP Show and Tell
  • Have a QRP related talk
  • Run a Special Event Callsign QRP Station
  • Oh I’m sure we will think of some other things.

So check back here regularly to see what we are up to…if you are not a Hedgehog already check out the new ‘I wanna be a Hedgehog’ page…you know its the right thing to do.

Oh its all happening.

72 Paul G0WAT Hedgehog #1

We are in SPRAT !

A quick e-mail to OM Chris G4BUE and we are in the Members News of the mighty SPRAT, organ of the wonderful G-QRP Club

This is our first ‘offical announcement’…so we hope it will stimulate some interest.

Next up will be announcements to the G-QRP Reflector and Soldersmoke.

Onwards and upwards

72 Paul G0WAT Hedgehog #1

Whaddya mean you haven’t posted anything here for a month! (or so)

Well wheels, as they do, have a habit of trundling slowly…we’ve been trying to get the logo sorted (nearly there!) and booking the hall (also nearly there!).

We are now fixing on Sunday 21st September rather than Sunday 14th as the better half reminded me that I am due at a wedding that weekend (doh!)

So expect more news very shortly.

73/72 Paul G0WAT

Hedgehog #1

Hedgehogs, what have we been doing and where are we going!?


Plans are now afoot!…we hope within the next month or so to have formalised and unleashed the circle onto an unsuspecting Amateur Radio public.

Hedgehogs? I hear you say!

Well all good clubs have to have a mascot and I thought what could be better than a Hedgehog?

It is small..It is after all a QRP sort of a being

Its prickly and can pack a punch!


 People from Hertfordshire are sometimes known as Hertfordshire Hedgehogs

It all seemed so appropriate!

We thought for membership I.D. we would allocate people Hedgehog numbers.

These are stored on a separate page ‘The Hibernaculum’ …for those of you not in the know this is where a Hedgehog hibernates over winter.

What are you doing? I hear you say!

We have been discussing, cogitating and deciding on the HCQRPC direction…we did not wish to go off half-cock and felt we should be sure of our place in the ether before launching ourselves upon it.

Where are we going?‘ I hear you say!

Well, perhaps, this is the most interesting part.

We are intending to MEET…hopefully in September around 21st…its all a bit provisional at the moment.

We shall meet in Stevenage in Hertfordshire at a community centre which has plenty of parking, plenty of space, power, a broadband line,hot and cold food and most importantly a Bar.

We hope to have the following for your delectation: –

  1. Introduction and welcome
  2. Show and tell – your QRP projects
  3. A talk on a QRP-related subject
  4. General nattering amongst the assembled Hedgehogs

So to start a very modest affair…like all things we feel it would be best to get this all sorted out and up and running, however for the future we are setting our sights on : –

  • Club Project kits – starting small but who knows?
  • HCQRPC Hedgehog T-Shirts and badges
  • and ultimately a QRP mini-convention with talks and traders

So there we go, that’ll do for now but mark us with RSS for the latest updates

73 Paul G0WAT Hedgehog #1

A new QRP Club is born!

  • Home Counties – the Home Counties is a phrase used to designate the group of counties which border or surround London, England.
  • QRP – In Amateur Radio the phrase QRP means transmitting at reduced power levels while aiming to maximize one’s effective range while doing so. The term QRP derives from the standard Q code used in radio communications, where “QRP” and “QRP?” are used to request, “Reduce power,” and ask “Should I reduce power?” respectively.
  • CircleA company assembled, or conceived to assemble, about a central point of interest, or bound by a common tie; a class or division of society; a coterie; a set.

Here at HCQRPC the feeling had been for some while that we should have a local QRP club for local QRP people…in the US of A there are a number of smaller local clubs which provide the bedrock for the larger national/international clubs…small local groups such as:-

Here in the UK we are not exactly blessed with these smaller, local groups…in a discussion with Nicolas M1HOG whom I found was having similar thoughts, ideas began to hatch…therefore in the spirit of ‘Build it and they shall come’ we have set up the Home Counties QRP Circle.

Home Counties as I felt we should not restrict it to just Hertfordshire, where we both reside, but we should broaden it out a tad…QRP well duh!…and Circle as the armchair anarchist in me goes all funny when people start discussing the rules and regulations which inevitably adhere to a ‘club’ mentality…therefore we shall follow the Flying Pigs QRP Club adage of No Dues, No Rules, Just Fun – and if we don’t like it we fix it!’what could be better?

Anyway this is just the start…

73/72 Paul G0WAT