I wanna be a Hedgehog too!

So you would like to join our merry crew?…well there is only one requirement other than the desire to so do…with me, raise your right hand, swear upon a stack of SPRAT’s and repeat the following :-

‘I do solemnly swear to be a FB OM to my fellow Radio Amateurs and above all not to take it too seriously’

There that should do!

Now either leave us a comment here, or send an e-mail to hcqrpc@gmail.com and as soon as you like you too will have a Hedgehog Number and be a Hibernaculum resident.


72 Paul G0WAT Hedgehog #1

4 comments so far

  1. Dominic Baines on

    Excellent Stuff Dom…please consider yourself Hedgehog #8…bear it with pride OM.

    73/72 Paul G0WAT Hedgehog #1


    Ward Silver (ARRL amateur of year) said at FDIM 2008 in his talk that operating qrp DX or in contest means you often end up becoming ‘road kill’. Well I have only ever been licenced since 2003 and that means I have never known anything BUT the bottom of the sunspot cycle and operated qrp in contest and dx. qrp operating is about being a bit smarter than the average qro operator.

    Please sign me up as a hedgehog…

    Seems hedgehog jokes are required, these are probably the worst ever:

    Q. Why did the qrp hedgehog cross the road before a radio contest?
    A. To get to the better operating location away from the qro OPs’ and to show he had guts.


    Q. Why did the qrp hedgehog cross the road?
    A. To visit its qro flat mate!


    Q. Why did the qrp hedgehog & chicken cross the garden?
    A. Because they were stuck together!


    Q. Why couldn’t the qro hedgehog wash his hair?
    A. Because he’d left his head and shoulders on the road.


    Q. Why did the qrp hedgehog cross the road
    A. To pick up his squash partner.

    GQRP #11272
    ARCI #???? never remember it

  2. Nigel A. Gunn G8IFF/W8IFF on

    Nigel OM…please consider yourself Hedgehog #10…our first double figure hedgehog!

    I am afraid Bill I0/N2CQR Hedgehog #4 has snuck under the radar as the first oversea Hedgehog…nonetheless you are technically our first member over the pond.


    73/72 Paul G0WAT Hedgehog#1

    Hi prickly partners.

    I’d also like to join the hedgehog fraternity.
    Having just defected Britain for the land of the free, I guess I might be your first foreign correspondant.

  3. Martin Juhe on

    Welcome aboard Martin OM…enjoy your voyage on the good ship HCQRPC…consider yourself Hedgehog #9…Hedgehog jokes are not mandatory, just a enjoyable dicersion should they occur!

    73/72 Paul G0WAT Hedgehog #1
    Even newer licence-wise than Dominic. I also have never known anything but the bottom of the sunspot cycle!

    Please can I be a hedgehog?

    Sorry no Hedgehog jokes left!

    GQRP No.11567

  4. Sean Barthorpe on

    Please Sir, can I be a hedgehog too?

    Looks like fun, thanks in advance, 73 de G0UVM

    It would be our pleasure Sean…by all means append Hedgehog #22 to your name…by jove I think theres a proud tear in my eye!

    73/72 Paul G0wAT Hedgehog #1

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