HogCon Bin’n’Gone

Well here we are on a couple of weeks after HogCon 2008.

Was it a success?…well we think so!…those that came along enjoyed it very much and we received great feedback from the attendee’s…the only downside as far as Nicolas and I were concerned was that we would have preferred more people.

We were treated to two absolutely splendid talks by Hans G0UPL Hedgehog #4 and Dom M1KTA Hedgehog #8…these really were top drawer stuff!

Hans’ talk has encouraged me to get my act together on Beacons and Ihave ordered a Freakin’Beacon controller (Hans’ homebrew one looked to mind-boggling) from Expanded Spectrum Systems and some 10.140 crystals to go with it…I have signed on to the Knights of QRSS Mailing list and will be avidly gleaning info from the people there.

Dom brought back memories of the DXpeditions I have been on (although nothing as exotic as 3B8!)…if you have not been on one you owe it to yourself to give it a go….now how far away was Liechtenstein?

GB2QRP worked well although we could have had the mast up higher and would have if I had not managed to break one section whilst on holiday last month.

The ‘Show and Tell’ was good with some interesting stuff brought along by DomM1KTA , David G6DMF and Victor G3NJB.

In the prize draw we had two winners in the same family!…the prize from QRPME will go to Joshua Hedgehog#16 and the new Drew Diamond book from the G-QRP club will go to his Dad David G6DMF…

So there we go HogCon 2008 is no more…heres to HogCon 2009

As this was our first attempt at doing this sort of thing we are very happy with the result though as those attending said they had a really good time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves…which suggests we have the basics right.
Next year we are now plan’s are now afoot…first and foremost more publicity I think!
Heres some pictures from the event..
Thanks to everyone who made HogCon 2008 a success…cu next year.
73/72 Paul G0WAT Hedgehog#1 and Nicolas M1HOG Hedgehog #2

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