HogCon 2008 now with added Prize….from QRPME !

Thanks to the generosity of that Master Lobster Wrangler and all round good egg Rex W1REX of Hedgehog #26 and QRPME fame we have a prize which will be given out to the lucky person whose name is drawn from the ha at Hogcon…no raffle tickets to be purchased, your entry to the competition will be included in your entrance fee.

What could you win you may well ask?

Well to be honest we do not know!

Rex has offered us a mystery prize which will be mailed to the lucky recipient after HogCon…Rex will only tease us by saying…

‘I will send him/her a special prize that will be a hit I’m sure’

A great big shout out to Rex for this sterling gesture…mni tnx OM

And please visit his splendid site for all manner of Tuna Tin related kits and goodies.

73/72 Paul G0WAT Hedgehog #1

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