Dom M1KTA & Hedgehog #8 updates us on the 3B8/M1KTA talk

Dom has been back in contact with a few more words on his 3B8/M1KTA talk.

Dom plans to cover the following: –

  • Why 3B8?
  • What was involved in trying to operate from there and hints for others (NB: 3B9, 3B7 and 3B6 can all be reached from 3B8 relatively easily)
  • What equipment did I take?
  • Why operate from someones shack and not /P?
  • Why did I have the wait 72 hours before operating and why was this a good thing?
  • An operating timetable (so if want to try a DX trip whilst on holidaysome hints)
  • DXpedition qrp with a blank sun…. you must be mad!
  • QRP operating does not mean you are ‘road kill’ to use American phrase.
  • 1st hand newbie DX operator errors….how NOT to handle a pile up!
  • DX Cluster spots are not always a qrp operators friend.
  • What exactly does operating split really mean when you are the DX station.
  • QRP operating modes.
  • Backup rig etc.
  • What else did I do radio wise whilst there?
  • QSL cards, the aftermath of DX operation what it will mean to you.

This looks really fabulous stuff Dom…I know the QRP world is mainly known for its ‘technical’ articles, but to my mind ‘how to’ and  ‘inspirational’ articles are a really splendid way of bringing the QRP experience to life.

FB OM Hedgehog #8

73/72 Paul G0WAT Hedgehog #1

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