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Another Speaker!…our cup over-floeth…3B8/M1KTA and his adventures

Great news fellow Hedgehogs!

We have signed up another speaker for HogCon 2008.

Dom Baines M1KTA (Hedgehog #8) with regale us with tales of his QRP DXpedition to Mauritius…Doms’ insights into life on air from 3B8/M1KTA as featured in the world famous SPRAT 135.

Dom also hopes to gives us pointers learnt from Contesting and Expeditioning QRP style from HB9 (on a bike!) and other adventures.

FB OM Dom…we can’t wait!

73/72 Paul G0WAT Hedgehog #1

There will be a short interlude whilst….GM0WAT/P and who’s that handsome devil?

Yes it holiday time!

This year (it having been quite a year ‘chez ‘G0WAT) we decided to treat ourselves and go to the Isle of Skye…this being a longtime ‘wish’ destination…It was worth the wait as it is absolutely beautiful place…it certainly won’t be our last visit.

Whilst there I managed to get in a bit of QRP operating with my KX1…The pictures show the two operating positions…initially down by the shore,…surprisingly this proved unsuccessful…it appeared to hear great towards the U.S. but nowhere else, and unfortunately my 2 watts was not sufficient on this occasion to raise anyone

Later on I moved it up to near the cottage we were staying in and this proved much better with stations around the UK and EU being worked on CW.

This was also the first time I have used Palm Paddles (tnx to a loan from Ron G4DDX) and I found them much easier to use than the Elecraft paddles which were designed for the KX1….although you still have to hold them down to stop them wandering off, even if you have the lightest touch.

Equipment: –

Elecraft KX1…42ft Longwire…Palm Paddles…DK9SQ Mast…2 mighty watts.

Its great fun to do /P on holiday and I really enjoyed myself.

73/72 Paul G0WAT Hedgehog #1