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GB2QRP hits the streets – HogCon goes Special Event!

We had long planned to have a QRP station at HogCon for people to try out their creations or just put a few QRP Q’s in the log.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a Special Event Callsign we surmised?…and indeed it would be so we plumped for GB2QRP and by jove! we got it.

So we intend to have a Special Event Callsign available for attendee’s to use.

We are planning to have a Doublet up and at the very least a K2 and KX1 and for the more SSB minded among you we, if we have finished building them a BITX20 and MKARS 80…feel free to bring along your own radio and put it on the air….we want to see your homebrew.

We are also considering a few more surprise…keep and eye of this site and for details

73/2 Paul G0WAT Hedgehog #1

Hold the front page!…Hans Summers G0UPL to give talk at HogCon 2008

If we had a Drum we would give it a roll!

If we had a Trumpet we may well be inclined to play a voluntary!

If we had some Champagne we would be gently teasing off the foil and applying thumbs to the cork!

Hans Summers is going to give us a talk at HogCon and we are quite rightly cock-a-hoop.

Hans will be giving us a talk entitled …

“QRSS and other adventures in extreme homebrew QRP”

This will give many fascinating insights into the world of QRSS and MEPT and is right at the cutting edge of todays QRP zeitgeist…check out his fabulous site and see some of the things he’s been up to…

We greatly appreciate Hans kindly taking time to help spread the word….FB OM!

73/2 Paul Hedgehog #1

Whoaa!!!! We hit the Soldersmoke Podcast #88

Excitement unbounded at HCQRPC acres…we get a mention on Soldersmoke

As it was the Soldersmoke podcasts which really kicked the HCQRPC idea into action it was really great to hear Bill giving us a shout out…mni tnx OM Bill….and keep on truckin’ with the Soldersmoke podcasts…we all love them.

We hope publicity will increase our coverage and get ourselves some more members.

Hang on a minute… are you saying that you are not a Hedgehog yet?…all you should do is ask…send an e-mail to or leave a comment here…you are most welcome whether you are in downtown St.Albans or far flung Albuquerque…we want Hedghogs from every point of the compass….we are a broad and wide church and we wish to fill it to the rafters with Hedgehogs.

More news’n’views shortly…

72/73 de Paul G0WAT Hedgehog #1


It’s booked!…we are now on for 21st September at the Stevenage.

We have decided rather than just call it a ‘meet’ we would christen with a slightly more upmarket name…and thus it came to pass that…

HOGCON was born

Nicolas is rustling up a web page (probably as we speak)…so check out the following…

plans are now afoot to: –

  • Have QRP Show and Tell
  • Have a QRP related talk
  • Run a Special Event Callsign QRP Station
  • Oh I’m sure we will think of some other things.

So check back here regularly to see what we are up to…if you are not a Hedgehog already check out the new ‘I wanna be a Hedgehog’ page…you know its the right thing to do.

Oh its all happening.

72 Paul G0WAT Hedgehog #1

We are in SPRAT !

A quick e-mail to OM Chris G4BUE and we are in the Members News of the mighty SPRAT, organ of the wonderful G-QRP Club

This is our first ‘offical announcement’…so we hope it will stimulate some interest.

Next up will be announcements to the G-QRP Reflector and Soldersmoke.

Onwards and upwards

72 Paul G0WAT Hedgehog #1