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Hedgehogs, what have we been doing and where are we going!?


Plans are now afoot!…we hope within the next month or so to have formalised and unleashed the circle onto an unsuspecting Amateur Radio public.

Hedgehogs? I hear you say!

Well all good clubs have to have a mascot and I thought what could be better than a Hedgehog?

It is small..It is after all a QRP sort of a being

Its prickly and can pack a punch!


 People from Hertfordshire are sometimes known as Hertfordshire Hedgehogs

It all seemed so appropriate!

We thought for membership I.D. we would allocate people Hedgehog numbers.

These are stored on a separate page ‘The Hibernaculum’ …for those of you not in the know this is where a Hedgehog hibernates over winter.

What are you doing? I hear you say!

We have been discussing, cogitating and deciding on the HCQRPC direction…we did not wish to go off half-cock and felt we should be sure of our place in the ether before launching ourselves upon it.

Where are we going?‘ I hear you say!

Well, perhaps, this is the most interesting part.

We are intending to MEET…hopefully in September around 21st…its all a bit provisional at the moment.

We shall meet in Stevenage in Hertfordshire at a community centre which has plenty of parking, plenty of space, power, a broadband line,hot and cold food and most importantly a Bar.

We hope to have the following for your delectation: –

  1. Introduction and welcome
  2. Show and tell – your QRP projects
  3. A talk on a QRP-related subject
  4. General nattering amongst the assembled Hedgehogs

So to start a very modest affair…like all things we feel it would be best to get this all sorted out and up and running, however for the future we are setting our sights on : –

  • Club Project kits – starting small but who knows?
  • HCQRPC Hedgehog T-Shirts and badges
  • and ultimately a QRP mini-convention with talks and traders

So there we go, that’ll do for now but mark us with RSS for the latest updates

73 Paul G0WAT Hedgehog #1