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A new QRP Club is born!

  • Home Counties – the Home Counties is a phrase used to designate the group of counties which border or surround London, England.
  • QRP – In Amateur Radio the phrase QRP means transmitting at reduced power levels while aiming to maximize one’s effective range while doing so. The term QRP derives from the standard Q code used in radio communications, where “QRP” and “QRP?” are used to request, “Reduce power,” and ask “Should I reduce power?” respectively.
  • CircleA company assembled, or conceived to assemble, about a central point of interest, or bound by a common tie; a class or division of society; a coterie; a set.

Here at HCQRPC the feeling had been for some while that we should have a local QRP club for local QRP people…in the US of A there are a number of smaller local clubs which provide the bedrock for the larger national/international clubs…small local groups such as:-

Here in the UK we are not exactly blessed with these smaller, local groups…in a discussion with Nicolas M1HOG whom I found was having similar thoughts, ideas began to hatch…therefore in the spirit of ‘Build it and they shall come’ we have set up the Home Counties QRP Circle.

Home Counties as I felt we should not restrict it to just Hertfordshire, where we both reside, but we should broaden it out a tad…QRP well duh!…and Circle as the armchair anarchist in me goes all funny when people start discussing the rules and regulations which inevitably adhere to a ‘club’ mentality…therefore we shall follow the Flying Pigs QRP Club adage of No Dues, No Rules, Just Fun – and if we don’t like it we fix it!’what could be better?

Anyway this is just the start…

73/72 Paul G0WAT